This web site is a place for me to offer my meteorites for sale, I specialize in cutting and etching iron meteorites. I have many large etched iron meteorites for sale here. Meteorites for sale include Iron meteorites stone meteorites, stoney iron meteorites, also known as pallasite meteorites. I am now offering Minerals and fossils for sale as well as petrified wood and agate slabs for sale. Most of the specimens I choose for their aesthetic beauty.

I am a meteorite hunter, so I also share some of my meteorite hunting adventures here. Any of the six pictures below open up into some of those stories. They represent some well known places like the Glorieta Mountain strewn field and the Franconia strewn field and now the Admire area.

If you think you have found a meteorite, I have a section devoted to identifying a possible meteorite. I have posted photos of some of my meteor wrongs to help in that process .If you want to know what is a meteorite worth you might find some answers here. I have a section devoted to the preservation of iron meteorites, whether they are etched or whole meteorites.

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Wisconsin meteorite hunt mifflin
Wisconsin Meteorite Hunt
The Admire Grind
Luckiest man alive
Glorieta Main Mass
How I get so lucky
Glorieta Main Mass Story
Glorieta Pallasite Slice  Olivine Rich Mike Miller Glorieta  Meteorites
Finding My First Glorieta Meteorite
Glorieta Ruben And Myself
Franconia In Situ
Linguia Franconia

Finding My First Strewn Field

Meteorites For Sale

In my meteorites for sale section I offer large specimens for collectors. I will always have the best quality iron meteorites slices available. I prepare most of the iron meteorite slices that I offer for sale. Only the best of them will make it to my web site. I offer a wide variety of other meteorites for sale, I try to keep the best of what is available on the web site.

We have just added Admire meteorites for sale. We have recently developed a multi step process using very modern techniques to prepare the Admire meteorite for sale. Admire meteorite slices are some of the most interesting pallasite's you will ever see. The olivine's are angular and very shallow so to get much translucently you have to cut them very thin and really the depth of the crystals is their best quality. Each different type of lighting changes the way they look and the different colors are well simply out of this world!

Admire meteorite for sale. We also off a very few individual Admire meteorite for sale.

At this time I have a very extensive selection of the Glorieta Mountain Meteorite for sale. Other meteorites for sale include etched Munonionalusta meteorites for sale, etched Brenham meteorite for sale, Canyon Diablo meteorites for sale both etched and whole specimens. I also offer Canyon Diablo meteorite pendants for sale, Franconia meteorites for sale both whole and cut specimens. I am most likely the only site that is offering the Sacramento Wash 002 meteorite for sale. I have full slices of the Chinga Ataxite for sale and polished to a mirror finish. I also have some very nice full slices of the Seymchan Pallasite meteorite for sale. I have lots of Campo meteorites for sale, some are slices some are end cuts and I even offer shapes of the Campo meteorite for sale. I now offer Admire meteorites for sale, these are some of the coolest and most interesting crystals I have ever seen in a pallasite.

I now have Glorieta damascus meteorite knives for sale. The damascus steel is made by layering Glorieta meteorite and high carbon tool steel then it is forged into a very durable knife, each one is unique and hand crafted .

I am now offering meteorite art for sale. These unique creations are based on the etch patterns of different meteorites. The artist Arlene Schlazer in an avid collector of meteorites and each new piece is her inspiration to create new art pieces.

This is not a complete list and items will sell out so please check my Meteorites for sale page for a complete and current selection


If you click on one of the first five of the images above it will take you on a meteorite hunting adventure with me. I got involved with meteorites because I searched for gold with a metal detector for a couple years as a weekend hobby. I did a lot of searching and no finding at all, well at least we didn't find any gold. I found hundreds of targets to dig and many were quite interesting. The day Keith walked into the truck shop I was managing at the time to apply for a job was the day that all the digging of junk would start to pay off. On his application in the work history was "meteorite hunter 10 years" (Finding My First Glorieta Meteorite) Keith pointed the way to Gold Basin and I was instantly hooked and holding my first meteorite. At the time I envisioned it as finding a fallen star, we have all seen the falling star that streaks across the night sky. In my mind that is what I was finding, WOW! To this day I am still amazed that we can go out there and find these visitors from outer space. After Gold Basin I was off to the mountains of of north central New Mexico to find my own slice of the Glorieta Mountain Pallasite. I had done a web search for Glorieta Mountain pallasite meteorite for sale and at the time I could only find one source to buy it and it was an incredible $40 to $60 dollars per gram! Ouch I really wanted to add one to my brand new meteorite collection. So for me the only logical solution was to go find my own. Well when I said that I was going to Glorieta to find one big enough to slice it was enough for people to laugh out loud. They said my first one was a once in a life time meteorite, several meteorites later they have re defined a once in a lifetime meteorite and even though I have found the largest Glorieta meteorite to date. I still have not found that once in a lifetime meteorite, in fact I am planning a trip right now to go look for it. (Glorieta Main Mass Story)

In between trips to Gold Basin and Glorieta I made trips into the Arizona and southern California Deserts looking for a strewn field. Again when I said this out loud it usually brought a big yea right kind of a grin to other meteorite hunters faces. I am not sure what I was thinking but I went and looked for my very own strewn field. In both Gold Basin and Glorieta I always wondered what would it have been like to be the first one here, boy that would have been fun. So I went out on Red Lake and found a few meteorites, but as soon as I was convinced that there was no strewn field there I lost the desire to go and find tiny little Chondrite meteorites on that vast dry lake bed. I turned my attention to new and unknown areas. Then one day my son Michael and I were off on another meteorite hunting adventure just 35 mile from our home in Kingman Arizona. We stopped a couple times before we unloaded our quads and headed out in search of meteorites. Before noon that day I had a meteorite stuck to my magnet, and to this day I still don't know why but I was just sure there was a strewn field connected to this little 35 gram meteorite. The odds are hundreds to one against there even being a second piece, let alone an untouched strewn field. But I was so sure it was there that I called meteorite hunter Ruben Garcia to come up the next weekend and help us find more pieces. I have to tell you I was right, it was a lot of fun being the first one's to hunt an un touched strewn field. (Finding My first Meteorite Strewn Field)

Authenticity GUARANTEED

Authenticity GUARANTEED

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