Three families hunted and recovered the Admire meteorites as a team. We have been working for months developing a process to stabilize these beautiful pallasite slices. I am not saying that your meteorite slice can never show any rust because the metal is composed of mostly iron and iron can rust anytime it is not properly cared for. We feel these slices are stable and ready for you to enjoy in your collection. This is only true of the slices that have been through a very exact process developed by our team. We are all using the basic process but since we are all processing our own material slight changes may have been made to the original process. Since we are all preparing our own material I can not control or be responsible for any Admire except for the Admire meteorites I prepare and sell.

How To Care For Your Admire Pallasite Slice.


Is this meteorite stable?

Now a word about the Admire meteorites for sale here WOW they are some of the nicest olivine crystals I have ever seen! I hope I have captured a little of the allure of the crystals in the pictures.When you hold a piece in your hand and take it outside or under a bright light the crystals just come to life. The colors and changes in reflection are just amazing. Well I guess it almost as hard to explain their depth as it is to capture in a picture. But lets just say if you think they look different in a picture just wait until you see them in person, wow.

The process used to stabilize the beautiful Admire meteorites for sale here was developed as a team, however since that time we have decided to process our own material. So we are all using the same basic process, but some small changes may have been made to the original process. This means that each of us is responsible for the way we process our own Admire meteorites for sale and I can not control or be responsible for someone else preparing Admire meteorites for sale.


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