I was shopping at the Quartzite show in southren AZ this winter 2013, I had been to all the mineral dealers several times because you just can't see it all the first or second time. They continue to add new items the entire time anyway. So I had seen pretty much everything at the show at this point....I looked into a box and said WOW! and I just stood there looking and thinking wow these are not like the others. The owner of the tent was helping other customers buying all the bulk inexpensive flats that the tent was just full of. I stood in the corner looking at these three or four flats of stunning minerals with big price tags on them. The owner finished his business and came over to where I had been standing just gawking for some time now. When I saw him look my way I asked are these keystone he chuckeled and said no these are net. The prices were very high from what I had seen even at keystone. Net...I thought wow that is high but I just kept looking at the specimens in the box and said....these are just stunning! I figured about how much money I had in my pocket and said I will take this group here. My math was off by about $50 and I was short he said that is ok and gave me a little discount. I walked away from that tent without a single dollar in my pocket, and a flat with only 5 specimens in it. Of course I questioned what I had done, but now, 2 weeks later I wish I had spent all my money on just a few more of these rather than the hundreds or regular specimens I did buy. This one is the best specimen that I bought ...it is simply amazing and if I sell it ....well I will be sad that it is gone and happy that I have more money to buy another outstanding specimen, IF I can find another of such beauty........This is one of the most beautiful specimens I have ever seen. A miracle......

Cave Calcite for sale the bast

For sale Cave Calcite outstanding specimen

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