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Buying Meteorites

If you have a meteorite for sale please let me know I may be interested in buying it. Even if I do not want to purchase your meteorite I may know someone who is interested in it. So let me know what you have for sale.


I am very interested in trades, if I have something you want and you have something I want. That is the perfect combination for a good trade . Now I am interested in a fair trade so please feel free to offer at full retail or at wholesale , but keep both prices at either wholesale or retail. I will have no interest to trade my wholesale against your retail.

I would be interested in trading either for inventory, things like irons that I can cut, or specimens I can sell whole. I might also be interested in trading something in my collection for something to add to my collection. So it wont hurt to talk about whatever you have in mind.


All of my prices are for the meteorites themselves. Shipping is an additional charge. There are many ways to ship and you can choose how you prefer to ship.


First class mail with insurance is the usual recommended method for small meteorites. For heavy items there is a flat rate Priority Mail box. That is $8.10 and will hold most of the specimens that I sell. You can find the rates at

Please just let me know what type of mail service you would like to use and I will prepare your package and let you know the exact shipping.


Overseas customers have the same option to choose how they would like their meteorite shipped. For small items I recommend Air Letter Post with insurance. There is also a Registered Mail service available to most countries.

Please let me know your preferred method of shipping and I will prepare your package and let you know the exact shipping charge.

Also, if you have a request regarding what the customs form should say, please advise me in advance.

For all customers: If you choose not to insure the package I cannot be responsible for it being lost in the mail.


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