I am very willing to trade material that I have plenty of for something else you might have that I can use. But the problem is that most of the time when someone wants to trade they want to make money on the trade. In other words they want to get more for their material than it normally sells for. In my opinion the only reason to make a trade is to diversify my inventory, or to acquire a piece I would like to have but don't want to spend the cash to acquire. So if you want to trade with me all you have to do is have something that I can use and offer it at the same level as my material. So either we use both retail prices at a relativistic level or we use the whole sale price of both and again it must be a realistic price not some number you wish was correct.

Now if you approach a trade like this with me we can trade for just about anything I have in my inventory, but not for what is in my collection. The collection has some items that can be open for trade but most are not for sale or trade.

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