Shipping, Returns, Damaged items.

First of all let me say that if you are not completely happy with your purchase we will make it right with you. If your item is damaged in shipping we will exchange it for an item that you like just as much. If this is not possible we will be happy to refund your money including shipping. Also if a meteorite you buy from me ever needs to be re finished I will offer to do that service for free, this does not cover abuse such as leaving your iron meteorite in a plastic bag.

Shipping charges, it is our intention to just cover shipping, we are not trying to make extra money on shipping. We try to use the lower cost shipping methods as long as they have proven safe.So our shipping charges will always be low and a great value for our customers. In the US we normally use first class with a delivery confirmation on small items. If an item is too heavy we must use Priority mail with delivery confirmation. For very expensive items we use Registered and insure the items. For very heavy items we use a flat rate box with delivery confirmation. Again our intention is only to charge enough to cover the shipping, there are no extra charges for handling.


The same applies to our non US customers, when we add a charge for shipping we are only trying to cover the actual charges. We will not add any handling charges or try to make extra money on the shipping. For small items we ship first class international, the rates are very inexpensive and to most countries they have proven to be very safe. For larger items we have found that registered is an affordable way to add security for non US shipments. Insurance is almost impossible and tracking is as well. I think the maximum for insurance is $400 and to get tracking you have to go to express mail which is much more expensive. It has been our experience that shipping outside the US is very safe. Please specify what you would like to have on the customs form as this can be very important information and have many different affects depending on where you live.


I think the first line would cover returns as well but I will say it again here. If you are not completely happy with your purchase you can return it for a full refund. I would much prefer to try and find something you would be happy with but if that is not possible I will refund your money including shipping.



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