Nantan meteorite slice for sale


I am going to address the how stable is this meteorite question, now I can only talk about my experience. I have been cutting and etching iron meteorites for about 5 or 6 years now .Having an iron meteorite in your collection and cutting etching and preparing them for sale are two very different things indeed.

This brings me to my first thought on the subject of is this meteorite stable? When certain meteorites were first made available to collectors and dealers they might have gotten an un fair reputation. I feel that a lot of the problems were caused by poor preparation and handling techniques. Now the Campo or Nantan may have been stored in a 55 gallon barrel and shipped overseas. The journey could take months and then the owner makes it to the US maybe at the Quartsite or Tuscon show and opens the barrel to a very nasty and rusty surprise. Now imagine the very same scenario with a 55 gallon drum of first class pistols from Smith and Wesson. These are very high quality hand guns and we know them to be of the very best quality. But if we wash them off with a water hose seal the in a 55 gallon drum and put them on slow freighter to the US when the barrel is finally opened some months later you will have the same rusty nasty mess in the barrel. Had either one of them been properly handled they would have been in far better shape when they arrived for sale in the US.

Now preservation techniques goes to another level as well. When a meteorite is cut and etched it is very important to keep moisture out of the interior of the specimen. If water is used in any of the process it needs to be chlorine free and must be completely removed from the iron before the pieces is ready for display. In the past years I feel that many times rust was caused by poor preparation techniques.

Then we can go still another step in that sometimes a meteorite has had chlorides enter into it through weathering here on earth. So if we can recognize this problem we can remove the chlorides before we are done with our preservation of an iron or pallasite meteorite. There are many other modern ways to combat rust in meteorites. Other industries use some of these techniques every day in the preservation of treasures found in the vast oceans or dug up from an ancient city buried in the desert sands.

Seems we sometimes have a pretty closed mind when it comes to meteorites. We hear a story about a meteorite called Nantan that was sealed in a barrel and shipped from China many years ago and it had a rusting problem. We still hold that against the meteorite, that seems a little silly to me. I have cut and etched Nantan, Old Campo, New Campo and I am here to tell you in my opinion they are just a stable as Toluca, Odessa or Muonionalusta. Everyone says Gibeon is a very stable meteorite and I agree but if it is not taken care of it too will rust. I also believe that if Campo and Nantan are taken care of they will last far longer than I will.

Brenham I have heard there is Brenham out there that has a terrible rusting problem. I have never had any. I was once at a prominent collectors home and he showed me a large slice of Brenham that was just crumbling in front of his eyes. He said that it would eventually just rust away. I am betting due to poor preparation. Back them I just took it all in but now I say why just do nothing? If you leave that same Smith and Wesson pistol sit on the shelf and do nothing it too will eventually rust solid an be of no use to anyone. Take action, don't just sit there and watch it rust away. We don't have shiny bright natural iron here on the surface of earth because our environment is extremely destructive to iron. It is continuously converted oxide.

Again I do not guarantee that your meteorite will never rust, it has iron in it and iron can rust at any time. But if it ever needs to be re finished and you bought it from me just send it to me and I will fix it at no charge and mail it back to you

Now for each type of meteorite I will say a few words. Admire Pallasite this meteorite has been in the ground for some time and our conditions here on earth have started to penetrate the Admire. But with modern techniques we have removed the chlorides and used some very modern products to arrest the rusting process. In the meteorite world we refer to this as stabilized or a stable meteorite. Now let me say this right up front "I would never sell any meteorite if I thought it was going to rust away to nothing in a year". I would stay completely away from that. I am not going to sit here and guarantee you that any meteorite I sell will never rust. I assure you they have a large portion of iron in them and can rust at any time. Back to the point I believe that the Admire has been stabilized. I am of course referring to the material I and my partners are selling, I am only referring to material that we have put through our process.

Campo Del Ceilo you can get a hold of Old Campo which I think is the same meteorite as the New Campo just found in a very wet environment so it has been changed by our moist conditions here on earth. I have a slice of Old Campo in my collection that I have had for more than 3 years. I wrote the date I finished it on the back of the part slice .I wrote it with a black permanent marker so I could see how long it had been there. Well I just pulled it out and the date is no longer visible, so much for permanent marker. I was just looking at the slice I have not even oiled this piece in years and it is still here, just a little rust in the cracks.With a little up keep this piece would be perfect. I have several slices of the New Campo in my collection. Some are perfect some need a tiny spot of rust removed here or there. The same for Gibeon you have to look at them once in a while and clean any discolored spot and oil them that is all they need.

Nantan is the same way all it takes is a little care and they will be here when we are long gone.



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