I no longer do custom cutting.

Here are some of the meteorites that I have cut:

The new silicated iron from Atgentinia, Dronino, Morasko

Sikhote Alin, Gibeon, Brenham pallasite, Nantan, Toluca
Chinga, Muonionalusta, Henbury, Brenham siderite
Seymchan siderite, Seymchan Pallasite

Glorieta Mountain siderite, Campo
Odessa, Canyon Diablo

NWA 869, Franconia

Sacramento wash 002

Taza, CD Graphite

Silicated Campo



I can fix slices that need to be re etched due to rusting or

some that just have lost their luster.

I do not offer polishing services.

Shop rate is $35 per hour. There is also a charge for sand parer and the more expensive materials used on your job.



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