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MeteoriteFinder.com is owned and operated by Mike Miller

Without my family and friends this would be a one sentence page . . .

I guess my about me page should connect all the different aspects of who I am. I am Mike Miller, meteorite dealer, I sell at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show each year at the Ramada room 131. Many people meet me there each year and return year after year. We will also be at the Tucson city center as well in 2015. I also sell year round on E bay, I am flattoprocks and have around 1000 items for sale at any given time. Then of course I have this website, where you can read some of the adventures I have been involved in.


Hi, my name is Mike Miller and I like meteorites. I worked for a large truck chain for twelve years, it was a very good job but everything changed the day an applicant came into the truck stop to give me his application. His name was Keith and the thing that really blew my mind was that in his work history it said, "Meteorite hunter — 10 years." 

I asked him what he meant by meteorite hunter? He explained that he'd gone out in the desert and the woods and collected meteorites for a living for ten years. I hired this man and spent many, many hours talking with him about meteorites. To me, the idea that I could go out and find a falling star was just unbelievable! Keith told me about Gold Basin and I went there and found my first eight or ten fallen stars! WOW! WOW! WOW! That was totally unbelievable! A year and a half later I gave up a really great job to pursue meteorites as a full-time enjoyment.

Meteorite hunting is what got me started, I used a metal detector for a couple years looking for gold. But really never found any, I used to drag the family out every weekend to drive to some remote area to explore and dig junk with a Gold Bug 2 metal detector.. The good news is I got pretty good with that detector and when meteorites came into my life I was primed to take off like a rocket ship headed for the stars.

I hunted Glorieta and found several once in a life time meteorites and I don't intend to stop now. I think the term "once in a life time" is way over used. I basically cut and etch iron meteorites for a living and hunt them just for fun. Lots of people have a hard time with that statment but it is true I hunt them because it is what I want to do for fun.

I am just a regular guy who gets in the car and goes out to where the meteorites are, and tries to find them. One of my favorite sayings is, "God hides the meteorites and we go out in the world and try to find them."

That is about all we can do — TRY.

— Mike Miller

Update 2018 My daughter Ashley if working in the shop full time now and is the backbone of the shop. I help out in busy times and here and there.