Fake meteorite and Moldivite What you should know.

The problem is China, they are buying up everything in sight, and faking the material. When all this started several years ago, I could spot a fake Moldavite from across the room, they were round like a marble...FAKE 

Today I am afraid to make a judgment most of the time. Because they are not quite right, but I am no longer sure some of the time. The Chinese's Fakers have evolved, better shapes, better color, more molds. So for me, if it comes from China 99% of the time I am not interested. That is just Moldivite!

Meteorites, well I think they have many people fooled. Even dealers and scientists, in some cases. Right now the easy ones are Sericho, they for some reason, are faking long blocks of pallasite.Maybe 2" x 2" and 4 or 5 inches long, why? No good reason. But FAKE they are, the olivine is off color, the blocks are finished edges, again why? no good reason, except to sell you on their fake product. Soon they will start doing a better job, the color will get better. The shape will become natural and many more will be fooled. Everyone should avoid buying any meteorite or tektite from China, if you buy from them you are supporting a fake industry. Most of the Muonionalust sold on ebay from china is not Muonionalusta, they know it I know it, but not everyone else realizes it. Aletai is something China has a lot of, people want  Muonionalusta, so they lie and sell Aletai as Muonionalusta. Look at the pictures, they are close but you can tell the difference.